Friday, June 10, 2016

Morphing Paper


  1. Funny story, and I can understand the wife's confusion.


  2. "So, Henry...etta(?), tell me what it felt like in those last moments, if you think that's what brought this strange...sympathy upon you."

    Henry's eyes looked upward, as though trying to recall something, then a slight smile alighted on his pretty lips and he said, "It was very... Liberating. There I... She was, falling through the sky. Gliding this way and that! Tumbling in free-fall with her heart racing and her senses electrified! An arousing sense of peace and closeness to... Something greater in the univer... Wait. Marge, what's the matter, honey?"

    Henry's wife stood there, sobbing, with her eyes glued to his exposed breasts and said, "Y-you act-actually like b-b-being th- that woo-w-woman, don't you, H-h-enry?"

    Henry looked down at his chest as a hand reached to one of the hard, tender cones adorning his ample, new breasts before looking back at his, clearly upset, wife. "No, honey-bunch! I-it's not like that! It's her! This woman was feeling so free and... Oh, c'mon, Marge. Don't take it l-like tha-thu-this! I ww-wasn-n't mm-messing-arr-round on you, D-darling."

    The expression on Marge's face turned to one of utter shock as she pointed at Henry - who had not noticed the changing size & shape of the breast in his hand, or that his face & hair color had also changed - and said, "That is really ... interesting, Darling. Now you look like ... ME!" ..."

    Sorry if this went on too long, Tehswitcher. It just seemed like something that might happen if Marge was feeling distressed about Henry's changes.